Releasing ownCloud Web

The ownCloud Web is shipped as an ocis Extension. The ocis-web extension is also embedded in the single binary and part of the ocis server command.

This repository contains the assets and these must be released first before being bundled into ocis-web.

Package Hierarchy

Releasing Web Frontend

  1. Create a branch release-$version in
  2. Create a folder in changelog for the release version and date mkdir $major.$minor.$patchVersion_YYYY-MM-DD.
  3. Move all changelog items from the changelog/unreleased/ folder to the $major.$minor.$patchVersion_YYYY-MM-DD folder.
  4. Update the version in appinfo/info.xml
  5. Commit your changes.
  6. After merging, wait for the CI to run on the merge commit.
  7. Go to the Releases section and click “Draft a new Release”.
  8. Use v$major.$minor.$patch as a tag (the v prefix is important) and publish it.
  9. The tag and the Release artifacts will be created automatically.

Next steps

The next steps are usually to update the Web assets in the ocis-web repository.